Unfair Competition

Certainly, the competition is necessary and allowed by law as long as it is fair/lawful. However, there more than few cases where the business environment is besieged by acts of bad faith.

Hence the need to protect oneself against unfair/unlawful competition. The law prohibits and punishes such acts but only if the victim of unfair competition files a complaint with the competent authorities.

As an example, the law universally states that: „all acts that are likely to create confusion in any way with the products / services of a competitor are forbidden.”

Also the law prohibits unfair competition practices such as: „The denigration of a competitor or of his products / services by the communication or dissemination by an undertaking or its representative or employee of information which does not correspond to reality as to the activity of a competitor or his products liable to harm his interests”.

In many cases, the acts of unlawful competition „go hand in hand” with the infringement of industrial property rights (registered trademark, registered design, other distinctive sign used in the course of trade).

It is clear that sanctioning the acts of unfair competition must be pursued for the clear and proper course of your own business, but also for a “hygienisation” of the business environment.

Our services

Our professional expertise can be made available to you in order to start the legal proceedings with the purpose of stopping the unfair competition, forbidding of such acts in the future and to obtain compensation for the moral and material damage caused thereby.

Where appropriate/necessary, we will assist you in legal proceedings to notify the competent authorities (police/prosecutor) in order to find and sanction the acts of unfair competition that constitute criminal offenses.

Word of advice

Start, if you have not already done so, by protecting your industrial property rights (e.g.: by registering your trademark or design at the relevant Offices). This way, you will have the advantage conferred by special laws in the matter to prevent and repel acts of unfair competition.

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