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Online businesses are governed by a different set of rules and practices – this legal frame is to be named “Internet Law and E-commerce”. The Professional advice serves the purpose of knowing those rules of the game for your legitimate benefits as well as to prevent the exposure to damage and settle the consequences of such unwanted exposure.

The Professional advice can only come from relevant, continuous and vast qualification in the field.

Our Professional qualification has its merits in practicing the law extensively in matters involving:

  • Safeguarding Intellectual Property rights related to websites;
  • Transactions and dispute resolutions in conflicts concerning internet domain names;
  • Professional assistance for drafting contracts/agreements for software development and exploitation, including complex websites;
  • Professional assistance for compiling websites legal content, including Terms & Conditions, Disclaimers, Commercial Policies, Privacy & Non-Compete Policies, Personal Data Protection Policies and so on;
  • Professional assistance for drafting contracts/agreements to be concluded by electronic means;
  • Professional advice for specific issues in online marketing matters;
  • Actions to counteract unlawful/unfair competition in online environment;
  • Settlement of conflicts arising from violation of civil rights when present/exposed in/to the online environment.
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