International Trademark Registration

Trademarks registered with OSIM or EUIPO are protected only in the territory of Romania, respectively in the territory of the European Union, unless the trademarks are notorious and/or have an extended protection according to the law.

The trademark can be registered in a non-EU country in two ways: directly, at the National Office of the country of interest, or by the Madrid System – WIPO.

Protection in another country requires that the formalities provided by the law of that country and the conventions and treaties to which the country joined to be followed.

The Madrid System allows the international registration of a trademark in a country or several member countries (up to 116 member countries) through a unique application filed with WIPO, provided that the trademark is first filed for registration or registered with OSIM.

Official Fees (OSIM and WIPO) and professional fees vary depending on the number of designated countries (where protection is desired) and necessary services.

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